Cottage Cheese Keto Pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes are so simple to make! and they only contain 3 ingredients! They can be served as a toast or as normal pancakes served with whipped cream.


A simple recipe for delicious Cottage Cheese Keto Pancakes using just 3 ingredients!
Serve 2 pancakes with cheese and tomatoes in between - just as a toast. Or as regular pancakes with chia jam and whipped cream.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Vegetarian
Keyword 3 Ingredients, Keto, Pancakes, Recipe, Simple, Vegetarian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 1 serving
Calories 192kcal


  • 100 g cottage cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 tbsp psyllium husk


  • Get a bowl and throw in all the ingredients. Use a hand blender to mix.
  • Fry in a pan with a little butter on low to medium heat. The batter will give you 4 small cottage cheese keto pancakes.
  • Cook until both sides are golden brown.
  • Serve! 

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Net carbs: 2 g
Fat: 10 g
Protein: 20 g 
Fiber: 6 g 

Cottage Cheese Keto Pancakes Breakfast Recipe

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7 thoughts on “Cottage Cheese Keto Pancakes

  1. Cook time took longer than expected; definitely make these small–they break much easier than regular pancakes. The first one I made was kind of a disaster, but the last three were great–definitely play around with cook time (I liked them better the longer they were cooked). I also found that medium heat was better than medium-low on my gas range. I will definitely make again!

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